What Have You Been Up To?

One of the blessings of the Christmas season is an opportunity to bump into people I don’t often see. A question I hear often now in regard to writing is this one: “What are you up to?” Well, not blogging, evidently. Ooops. But seeing as I have been writing and people have been asking, I thought I’d share a bit of my writing …

Family Fiction Q & A

It must be the season for interviews! This month, I am the featured Speculative Fiction author for Family Fiction magazine. What an honor! It’s my prayer that this is an opportunity for more people to meet Simon and the Messengers. Their Q & A provided me with another to reflect on my fiction writing. Check it out here!  

Interview and Musings about Ending a Trilogy

I’ve said before how much I enjoy interview about writing. Primarily, I appreciate them because they force me to take a moment and reflect on my writing process. It’s something all writers should do regularly, in my opinion, and an interview is a great excuse for it. Recently, Concordia Publishing House interviewed me about writing Revealed, the final installment of …

Behind the Scenes (Writing for a Musical)

Not long ago, I had the unexpected pleasure of channeling my hymn writing interests into writing lyrics for a school musical. Today, I’m enjoying the fruits of that project as I listen to my kids and their fellow students practice the songs! It reminded me of a joint interview I was able to be a part of, teaming up with …

Friends and (Inner) Critics

I love the opportunity to be a part of interviews; it’s a great time to reflect on my writing, my life, my favorite snack choices. One of my favorite interviews, however, was a team effort. In a roundtable interview, several different writers gave their take on the same question: What do you do about your inner critic? I love this …

Interview about Faith, Life, and Writing

I love interviews because it challenges me to think my writing, my process, and my life. Author Sarah Baughman was kind enough to interview me recently. Click here to read what we had to say!

Sarah Baughman’s Review of Discovered

I have such a huge respect for author Sarah Baughman, so it was an honor that she spent time to read and review The Messengers: Discovered in her recent blog post. Review it here!