Good Theology, Bad Grammar?

It started as a joke. I was in college, reading a book for one of my classes. “Wow, theologians have terrible grammar!” My reaction came after reading yet another run-on sentence. It was an older piece of work, written when this kind of construction was perhaps more permissible. And I knew the motivation: This writer had so much to say—so …

Friends and (Inner) Critics

I love the opportunity to be a part of interviews; it’s a great time to reflect on my writing, my life, my favorite snack choices. One of my favorite interviews, however, was a team effort. In a roundtable interview, several different writers gave their take on the same question: What do you do about your inner critic? I love this …

Why of a Writer

Hello again! Thanks for stopping by. I realize, of course, that the title of my blog can be a little confusing. Why of a Writer? What? Who? Okay, so let me do my best to explain myself. The title “The Why of a Writer” is actually the title of a talk I’ve given at a few workshops. And the reason …

Interview about Faith, Life, and Writing

I love interviews because it challenges me to think my writing, my process, and my life. Author Sarah Baughman was kind enough to interview me recently. Click here to read what we had to say!

Sarah Baughman’s Review of Discovered

I have such a huge respect for author Sarah Baughman, so it was an honor that she spent time to read and review The Messengers: Discovered in her recent blog post. Review it here!

Why This Blog?

Hey there! Welcome to my blog, and thanks for visiting. It seems like the best way to start a blog is by introducing myself and the purpose of this tiny corner of the Internet. My name is Lisa, and I love to write. I always have, but in the past several years, I’ve been grateful to have had the opportunity …

Hello, World!

Hey, there! You’re seeing this post because I’m just getting started. I invite you to take a look at “Why This Blog?” to get to know me and this site a little more.