About Lisa Clark

Lisa M. Clark spends her days reading and writing about God’s love for all people. She is an editor for Concordia Publishing House, and she loves the opportunity to work on a variety of resources that share the saving message of Jesus Christ.

Lisa has written devotionals, curricula, Bible studies, hymns, novels, children's books, and more. After a decade of writing, she has been published in periodicals, books, choral arrangements, and more.

The Messengers: Discovered, Lisa's first novel, was released in May 2016.

Her second book, The Messengers: Concealed, was released May 2017.

The end of the trilogy, The Messengers: Revealed, released May 2018.

Lisa is a St. Louis native, a former teacher, an amateur foodie, and an enthusiastic baker. Her degrees from Concordia University, Nebraska, and the University of Missouri--St. Louis focus on Lutheran doctrine, education, and writing.

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