Happy Birthday, Simon!

It’s time to celebrate! It’s Simon’s birthday. On April 11, he’ll turn either four or seventeen, depending how you count.

April 11, 2015, I wrote the first few sentences of The Messengers: Discovered. It’s unreal to me that four years later, an entire trilogy is resting on my shelf. What a whirlwind! So much to be thankful for.

Speaking of the trilogy, if you’ve read through the end, you’ll know that Simon’s seventeenth birthday is a very big deal. What awaits him now?

In order to celebrate four years, I’d like to offer four contests. That’s right—four different contests! Here’s the schedule:

Tuesday on Twitter
Wednesday on Instagram
Thursday on Facebook
Friday right here, on Why of a Writer.

So, connect and get ready to celebrate!


It’s been so fun celebrating with you this week! I’ve learned your favorite Bible verses, mentors, and hymns. Love getting to know you all more. Congrats to our winners! Each one has won their pick of The Messengers novels–or another Concordia Publishing House novel. ‘Cause fiction is fun.

For the final contest, comment below! I’d love to know what you think Simon is doing for his 17th birthday! No problem if you haven’t read the whole trilogy yet. Just be careful reading other comments in case they contain spoilers.

This contest will go a little longer. Comment by midnight CST on Saturday, April 13,

Can’t wait to see what Simon’s been up to lately. 🙂