The past few days, I’ve been writing and editing quite a bit.

In fact, even on Good Friday, a good portion of my time was spent reading, writing, editing, and contemplating words.

In all of that, I noticed a key word: Behold.

It turns out that four of my hymns begin with that word. And of those four, three of them have to do with Lent and Holy Week. A few of you may be familiar with “Behold the Man before You.” That one addresses the entirety of Lent, but specifically Good Friday and Easter. You don’t likely know the other two texts yet, but one is for Maundy Thursday and the other is for Easter.

I wrote these three texts at very different times, and I wasn’t thinking of the three in relation to one another. But whether it was coincidence or subconsciousness, I think the similarity is worth noting.


When we consider the universe-altering events that occurred during Holy Week, what can we do but first behold?

Your Lent may have been crazy (mine was). Your Easter Sunday might have been a blur (same here).

But Easter season has just begun! So if you haven’t already, or even if you have, I encourage you to pause with me for a moment. Read, pray, meditate.