Writing Ideas: Part Two

“Mom. Mom! Can you fill this out with me?”

My daughter wants to be an author/illustrator, and I’m pretty sure she’d write circles around me if I were in her class. But I’d never looked to her for specific writing tips or prompts before.

That’s about to change.

It was Sunday, and I was exhausted after hours of moving all over the church building. I looked down at a chart she had made. There was an empty column labeled “cause” and an empty column labeled “effect.” The directions were simple. “You write in a cause or effect, and I’ll finish it. It’ll help me with my creativity and stuff.”

Well, this looks fun. So I wrote in a cause here, an effect there, and switched back to her. After completing hers, she filled out a few for me. They ranged from reasonable to downright absurd. The laughs were the best part.

So, I learned (and relearned) some pretty great things about writing this week.

  1. I learned a great writing prompt.
  2. I was reminded that collaborative writing can be fun.
  3. And I relearned how writers come from all walks of life, even some pretty new ones.

Hope you learned something too!