The Value of a Review (and a Giveaway!)

“You should try this restaurant! It has fresh ingredients, and the service is fast. The atmosphere is catered to those who love the outdoors.”

“Sounds great! So, you’ve tried it?”

“Tried it?! I own it!”

Tell me, what do you think of the restaurant review now?

Sometimes, I feel this way as an author. In fact, it’s a pretty big stretch for me to be intentionally telling people about my books. I still have friends who don’t know I wrote three novels. And for several reasons, that’s totally okay. On the other hand, if I spent so much time writing something, I should be willing to tell others about it if it benefits them.

“You should try this book! It uses popular literary themes, and it include biblical truth. The setting is catered to those who think that there are problems in this world.”

In other words, “I care about you. And I care about this book. And I think you’d benefit from it.” Fair enough, right?

But let’s be honest, as fun as it is to know a restaurant owner, and as much as you will believe his or her motivation behind it, you might not go to him or her for an unbiased opinion about the quality. I can tell you why I wrote something. I can’t tell you that it’s good. That would be opinion, and the author’s opinion doesn’t matter too much.

This is where readers come in! The opinions of readers *do* matter, just as restaurant reviews matter when someone says he or she couldn’t stop eating the soup du jour.

So, thank you. When you read a book and recommend it to someone else, thank you. When you leave a review online, thank you. When you give someone his or her own copy of a book you love, thank you.

If it benefited you, it may benefit someone you care about.

So in that spirit, let’s continue the fun! If you’ve already written a review for any book of The Messengers, thank you! Please comment below. And if you write a review between now and June 6, please comment below as well! Yes, multiple reviews merit multiple comments. Those comments will turn into entries for a giveaway.

And again, thanks to you all for supporting the Message worth dying for.