No Stranger Love

Valentine’s Day, Ash Wednesday, and Lent. They all deal with love in profound ways. For Christmas, I shared one of my poems with you, and it just occurred to me that I could do the same today. Consider it my valentine to you. Or rather, from God to us all.

No Stranger Love

No stranger love the world has known
That God would leave His gleaming throne
To dwell with sinners on the earth,
A crying Babe of virgin birth.

No stranger love the world has seen
That God would live a life so mean
To toil and suffer on the land
And sow the seeds with His own hand.

No stranger love the world has gained
That God would bear a body stained
To shake and tremble, soon to die
And save us with a final sigh.

No stranger love the world can hear
That God would send His children dear
To spread the truth in word and deed—
Through God’s own Love, we now are freed.

(c) 2018 Concordia Publishing House

A few notes, for those who are interested:
I did not necessarily have Lent or Valentine’s Day in mind when I wrote this text. It was inspired by a sermon my husband gave. However, I was recently reminded that this sermon was given on Valentine’s Day weekend last year, so it makes sense that this poem came to mind this week. Others have seen this text and thought of Christmas. That makes sense too. Really, it’s appropriate to sing about God’s amazing love for us any time of the year.

How does this text “sound”? You’ll find out soon! Composer Mark Knickelbein has set this text to a moving choral arrangement, which will be published by Concordia Publishing House this spring. In the meantime, check out some of Mark’s other work. I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to collaborate with him often. 

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