Why This Blog?

Hey there! Welcome to my blog, and thanks for visiting. It seems like the best way to start a blog is by introducing myself and the purpose of this tiny corner of the Internet.

My name is Lisa, and I love to write. I always have, but in the past several years, I’ve been grateful to have had the opportunity to write many different things: poems, devotions, fiction, shopping lists, thank-you letters . . . they all count, and they all add up to making me a better writer.

I’m also an editor. I started out in the nitty-gritty brain-stretching branch of editing known as copyediting. I will never look at an en dash the same way again, and I’ll be forever grateful to the kind souls who trained me line by line, semicolon by semicolon. Since then, I’ve been able to touch manuscripts—both mine and others’—at just about every stage of the publishing process. And that experience has helped me appreciate every voice, every reader, and every little change that makes a piece of writing what it is.

I’m also a teacher. I was trained to teach high school, and I loved, loved, loved it. I sure do miss it sometimes. But as they say, once a teacher, always a teacher. (They do say that, right? I sure hope so.) So I’ve been able to find ways to get my “teaching fix” over the years, and I can’t help but think like a teacher.

Which, I suppose, brings me to the point of this blog. As someone who loves words, I’ll share some of my own learning and experiences with you. As someone who ponders process, I’ll get to the heart of why writers write in the first place. And as someone who can’t help but find meaning and learning in every endeavor, I’ll do my best to teach and learn as we grow together.

The posts, I imagine, will be varied. But they’ll all have to do with the craft of writing one way or another. So whether you love to craft words, consume words, or simply contemplate words, I’d love for you to join me.