Carol of the Lamb

As we begin the season of Christmas, I wanted to give you something as a gift, of sorts. A way to share my appreciation for all the support you’ve given and simply to show that I care. But how to do that over a blog? Well, perhaps, I can offer you something handmade–and on a blog site about writing, perhaps a poem will be the thing.

I’ve written quite a few poems for the seasons of Advent and Christmas, but while it was tempting to write something new for today, I think I’ll share with you one of my favorites. I pray it serves as a blessing to you.

The Carol of the Lamb

Little lamb, peer in the stall;
See the Lamb of God for all.
Wonder how this sacrifice
Silently will pay the price.
Through the valley He will tread,
Up a hill to bow His head,
In a garden, He will rise;
Pastures green will be the prize.

Weary shepherd, come find rest;
In a stable, be a guest.
Gather near your Shepherd Good;
He can lead where no one could.
Staff and rod Himself will bear,
Streams of life with you to share.
In His house forever dwell,
His unending mercies tell.

(c) 2015 Concordia Publishing House


A few notes, for those who are interested:
The use of the word “carol” was intentional. I once read a piece in which Carl Schalk explained carols: they may take more poetic license than a traditional hymn text, but they can still be true and edifying to sing. 

How does this text “sound”? Depends on where you’ve heard it! This text was written in 2015 and originally published later that year to a lovely lullaby-like tune by Mark Knickelbein. Just this year, David von Kampen set the text to a moving a cappella choral arrangement, which has been sung a few times this past month. That choral arrangement will be published by Concordia Publishing House this spring. Click here for an update!    

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